Parent/Carer Teachers Association (PTA) 

Upcoming Events - check the school calendar, newsletter and your class rep communications for details of all the wonderful events planned this  year...

 Annual Quiz & Auction - Fri 23rd March 

 Test your knowledge, enjoy a drink and bid on some exciting auction items, all in aid of raising funds for the schools (last year we raised over £10k). Food will be included. Tickets available soon.

Easter Bonnet Parade & Egg Hunt - Tue 27th March 

 The children display their creative headdress and go on a fun egg hunt in the park.

About the PTA - raising money to enhance our children's education and support our community.

As parents/carers at the school, we are all automatically eligible to be part of the Parents/ Carers Teachers Association (PTA). The two main activities of the PTA are to fundraise for the development of the schools and to hold events to build the community spirit of the two schools.

We do this through a varied mix of events and initiatives: child events (like Halloween Disco & Movie Night and Talent Show), parent/carer events (like Art Show and Quiz & Auction Night) and our family events (Winter & Summer Fairs and the Easter Egg Hunt).

We can only make these events happen with your help and support. Every year as our schools grow, we are looking to strengthen our PTA. Please help us to make this year the most successful to date.


PTA Committee 2017/18

The PTA AGM was held on 9th October. To view the presentation please click here. The new committee was elected:

Chair: Dee Purdy

Vice Chair: Alex Conabeare

Voting parent/carer members: Alberta Stevens, Alex Conabeare, Anabel Leibovic Farrar, Dee Purdy, Jenean Plumb Wood, Kate de Wys, Kaysha Jacobs, Liz Kanter, Louise Stuber, Mike Phillips, Natasha Barber, Serena Tarling, Sophie Keller, Suzanne Martin, Tania Hodges and Vicky Vincent.

Voting staff members: Laura Lund (Executive Headteacher), Katie Press, Angela Evangelos and Lilli Landau.

Class Reps 2017/18 

Class Representatives (Reps) are the main way you can find out about what’s going on, whether this is fundraising, class social events, news about how the funds are being spent and of course how you can get involved:

Earl's Court Free School Primary:

Year Class Representative (Rep)
Reception Mozart Caroline Conabeare & Natasha Barber
Year 1 Clarke Molly St John & Ramona Riedzewski
Year 2 Rossini Philippa Cates
Year 3 Bach Jessica Quijano

Other ways to support

Easyfundraising - you can raise funds simply by shopping online. All you need to do is register on the Easyfundraising site  and then when you purchase from selected retailers they will donate to the school. 

Please make it a habit or, better still, use the  easyreminder Find&Remind add-on, and download the app for ipad and iphone, or from Google Play for Android devices.

Direct Debit - set up a voluntary direct debit donation to the PTA every month. There is no obligation to do this; however, every penny raised to the PTA gets spent on important enhancements the schools can’t pay for out of their traditional funding. You can give a few pounds if that’s all you can afford but if you can spare a little more then there is no maximum limit.

The Earl’s Court and West London Free School Primary dedicated Direct Debit form can be filled in online >> Set up your Direct Debit now >>. Please share this with friends and family too.

Sponsorship - whether you are climbing Everest, running a half marathon, or singing songs door to door, you can raise sponsorship and donate to the school. Email us for an official covering letter at and find out how we can support you.

Amazon Wish List - the teachers have selected all sorts of items to enrich their classes and make learning more enjoyable for our children.  You can review the list here and simply select an item, or maybe add items to your own shopping online.

Name Tags - we are registered with (useful labels and names stickers for uniform items) - please nominate the West London Free School Primary at the check-out stage.

Scooters for Schools - we are now part of the Scooters for Schools Scheme, operated by Micro Scooters. Every time you shop online at  please quote our school's unique code 139546 at the checkout. 


Get in touch

If you have an idea for an event, large or small, or maybe you have knowledge, skills or time to offer please do get in touch via  


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