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Our aim is to have 100% attendance at our school, because we know that excellent attendance has a direct link to a child's achievement! Did you also know that Ofsted will be analysing our attendance figures when they visit us? Every single family's attendance will have an impact on our final Ofsted judgement.

Routine medical and dental appointments are expected to be taken out of school hours and/or in the school holidays. Travel during term time will not be authorised; this includes travel to visit overseas relatives or to take holidays.

If you take your child away during term time, then you are making a choice to deny them their education. You are also at risk of a fine or court action and your child could even lose their place at our school.


2017-2018 Term Dates for Pupils

Michaelmas (Autumn)
Term time for whole school: Tuesday 5th September to Friday 15th December
Half term: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October

Lent (Spring)
Term time: Thursday 4th January to Thursday 29th March
Half term: Monday 12th to Friday 16th February

Trinity (Summer)
Term time: Tuesday 17th April to Thursday 19th July
Half term: Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June
Bank holiday: Monday 7th May

2017-2018 Training Dates for Staff

Michaelmas (Autumn)
Monday 4th September

Lent (Spring)
Wednesday 3rd January

Trinity (Summer)
Monday 16th April
Friday 20th July


2018-2019 Term Dates for Pupils

Michaelmas (Autumn)
Term time for whole school:  Wednesday 5th September to Wednesday 19th December
Half term:  Monday 22nd to Friday 26th October

Lent (Spring)
Term time:  Monday 7th January to Friday 5th April
Half Term:  Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February

Trinity (Summer)
Term time:  Wednesday 24th April to Wednesday 17th July
Half term:  Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May

Bank Holiday 6th May


2018-2019 Training Dates for Staff

Michaelmas (Autumn)
Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th September

Lent (Spring)
Friday 4th January

Trinity (Summer)
Tuesday 23rd April
Thursday 18th July


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